Nieuwe perspectieven door design research
4 afgestudeerden van de WdKA/PZI Master Design presenteren de nieuwe perspectieven die ze vonden door hun design research.

New perspectives through design research 
4 graduates of the WdKA/PZI Master Design present the new perspectives they found through their design research.

15.00-17.30 pm Talks (with streaming*) 

15.15-15.45 pm Jennifer Kumer
My Time, An end-of-life conversation game 

15.45-16.15 pm Jet v.d. Touw
What is home to you? On making belonging tangible 

16.15-16.45 pm Suzanne van Rossen
Decoding Perspectives, Activating AI makers to make less biased AI systems 

16.45-17.15 pm Jasper Jeurens
Ditching the Message, Designing phatic technology 

Send a mail for the streaming link to ln.rh@ngisedretsam.akdw

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Where: Wijnhaven 61, Rotterdam, fourth floor, glass room
When: Thursday 14 July 2022